Gallery: Bagong Habi


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It’s high time for Philippine fashion to fully live up to its name and showcase not only Filipino-designed pieces but outfits that are made from material that are a 100 per cent Filipino.

This was exactly the thrust of the Department of Science and Technology and Philippine Textile Research Institute in hosting a fashion event entitled “Bagong Habi… Salinlahi”.

The DOST and PTRI, with the participation of several Filipino designers—budding ones such as Curitthy Manzanero and Jamie Espadilla, and veteran Anthony Cruz Legarda-flaunted couture, ready-to-wear and corporate pieces made from piña, silk, cotton, abaca, banana, water hyacinth, saluyot, and maguey, among other neo-ethnic and Philippine tropical fabrics.

Under the creative direction of Cruz Legarda, the runway show also included fashion enterprises like Nooks Co. Limited, La Herminia Piña Weaving Industry, Dela Cruz House of Piña and Bon Gavino-Gautier’s UNIMODA. They have all been assisted by PTRI in promoting the use of these locally grown fabrics and textiles not only in couture pieces but in mainstream fashion as well.

Both the designers and PTRI envision a new, more sustainable direction for the local fashion industry. The aim is to revive the once-prolific textile and garment trade in the country and create an international branding for the Philippine tropical fabrics.

Curitthy Manzanero’s innovative cocktail dresses in grey-and-pastel shades, The Piña Shop’s corporate attires, Bon Gavino-Gautier’s knitted eveningwear in white, and Anthony Cruz Legarda’s formal wear and bridal gown finale were some of the pieces that best emphasized this thrust among the rest of the runway pieces. Text by April Roque. Photos by Jude Bautista.